Rediscovering Wheels

Remember the time when the Internet was loaded with teasers like, ‘when are you going to start living?’ and ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’ ?(love that, by the way)

Well, today I did something for the first time — in about 10 years. It’s not as noteworthy as ‘I broke my brother’s toy car and ran before he could catch me,’ or anything fancy like ‘I paraglided without hugging on to the back of an instructor,’ — but mine is pretty special too.

I rode a bike.

Or as I’d rather say, I rediscovered wheels! Oh, and the joy of it! It was an unforgetable thrill to ride on as the wind pushed me opposite the direction in which I pedaled. Still, it felt so good to experience the rush of adrenaline through my veins and the sweat tracing my forehead.

I hadn’t got on a bike for ages. And I was a little worried about making a fool of myself. That’s why I chose the early morning to try it out — when there would be fewer people to see me picking up the bike from the ground.

Anyway, after a couple of falls and plenty of curvy and insecure twists, I managed to look straight and align my arms with the bike’s handle bars.

And then there was no looking back. I went round and round. I realized my love for riding. And I didn’t want to stop. My mouth opened in laughter — in spite of myself. The people around spoke to themselves, some smiled and some even waved. And I managed to wave back without falling!

Now this is a day worth remembering. Or capturing!

rediscovering wheels

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