The Big Bang Theory. Before and After Star Trek

Narmadhaa’s log. Stardate: I don’t know when.


It’s funny how after you watch and re-watch a television series you still can’t figure why you don’t understand it completely. Happened with The Big Bang Theory.

I had watched (over and over) the series up to season 8 long before I decided to watch the Star Trek movies.

And now, after watching the movies and starting on the Star Trek original series, I’m looking at The Big Bang Theory in a whole new light. Or to be more specific, I’m seeing my favourite character, Sheldon in a new light.

There’s nothing unlovable about Sheldon. His oddities, his ignorance and his persistent denial of ignorance — everything that makes him the most attractive character on the show. Sometimes I agree so much with the way Amy speaks of him that even I don’t understand why the other characters tend to make fun of him.

But after Star Trek, I’m not sure whether I’m attracted to Sheldon. Or Spock. There I said it.

When I first watched The Big Bang Theory, I was amazed at Sheldon’s behaviour. Him not being able to understand sarcasm, his obsession for cleanliness, his un-understandable lust for logic and his complete ignorance of emotions. Try to hug him and he’ll look at you as if you’re crazy. Because you can only try. Say something (anything) and he’ll look at you as if you’re a babbling monkey. So annoying, so intimidating, so inhuman. Yet so humane.

I loved everything about Sheldon Cooper, the awkward genius.

And then I realized that Sheldon was a caricature of the one person he adored: Mr. Spock.

So now I’m torn. Do I love the original, or the caricature, which I saw first?

Or still, is it Jim Parsons who’s given new life to two great fictional characters?

This needs some logical reasoning, and I’m incapable of it.

Long live and prosper.


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