The Time Factor

“No one can see the future,” some say.

But what if you could?

We’ve all have that fantasy: To know the future. How we’d be fifteen years from now. Where we’d live. Whether Trump would become president, whether ISIS would conquer Europe, or whether J.K.Rowling would write a part nine of Harry Potter. On a warm night, when you’re gazing at the dark sky studded with stars, you can’t help but wonder…

But then, sometimes you don’t need a summer night and glittery stars. Sometimes, just the clocks would do.




One Comment

  1. It would be too disheartening, to see the future. Perhaps the ability to see ahead would have allowed me time to ‘gird my loins’ for hardships and loss or to realize something that was seemingly insignificant at the time was actually an opportunity that I missed. In retrospect I see so many things I did not see when I was living through them. Like everyone else, if I could see into the future I would have bought stock, enough stock to ensure a verrrrrrry comfortable now. 😀



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