Every Step Along the Way

How can I thank you?

No problem. Like coffee?

I’d love to meet again.

I’d like that too.

When can I call you?

I’m always free, aren’t you?

You like roses?

Who doesn’t?

Some don’t.

Well, I do.

Red or white?

What do you think?

Plain or embossed?

I want a design. You?

Me too. I like this pair.

I like the silver streaks.

Gold rings, silver linings?

Little things matter, right?

Guess, boy or girl?

Boy, I say. You?

Either way, it’s ours.

And we’ll love it.

You know I love you?

Do you have to say?

Recliner or armchair?

Which is more comfortable?

I don’t know, you tell me.

Recliner. Armchair later maybe.

Aren’t you the boss?

Aren’t you the financier?

Help me, which pill?

Why not keep tabs?

Yes, next time. Tell me now.

Here, this now. That one later.

Thanks. Want some tea?

Why the hell not?


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