Right Place, Right Time

Have I ever mentioned June’s a great month? Because that’s when the weather makes you crave hot chocolate and a warm book.

But July isn’t that far away, and that’s a great month too. More so if you’re holidaying in a wooden cottage in a place like Thekkady.

I just can’t get the picture out of my mind: A small wooden hut, surrounded by trees, shrubs, and flowers I’ll never remember the names of.

Little insects scurrying about, alarming people heading for a warm dinner at the restaurant, waking up to a chilly sunrise, with my legs perched on top of the railing, blowing the steam from my cup of tea, and smiling at dew on the leaves from the previous night’s rain.

sterling resorts thekkady

That’s how our holiday was in Sterling resorts. It’s a beautiful place to spend time alone — or with close friends or family. Thekkady itself brings you closer to nature. And a comfortable resort only brings you closer to your family.

But it’s not all fancy goodness, love, and affection.

It’s annoying to wake up to the morning chore of scooping up and letting out, a worm or two that had found solace inside your cottage.

It’s annoying when you’re generous enough to make tea for everyone and someone ends up complaining about too much milk or too less sugar.

It’s annoying when you want to gorge on the local favourite puttu (steamed rice flour meal)  with kadala (chic peas gravy) but you don’t get the gravy when you have puttu, and no puttu when you have gravy.

But when you step out of the cottage and look up at the pale-grey sky, every annoying thing would disappear. The sky would seem to have a hard time deciding whether to clear its way for the sun to shine or to hold its stance. It’s such bliss to be in such a place at such a time that nothing else would matter.


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