Take a walk

Cars flash on your left,
motorists whizz by your right,
stray dogs growl in front of you
and bicyclists bell behind you
welcome to the walker’s life
yes, you’re on the footpath
where pedestrians follow single file
or break the line and break a leg
one-way streets they’re on paper
but look both sides before you cross
unserviced and flanked by trash
are the service roads, built for ease
raggedy stones, rocks, and potholes
more than make up the sidewalks
taking a hike, it will seem to you like
invest in boots and the soles thank thee
put phones away and headphones too
for good money even seconds make
wear naught jewellery, gold or silver
lest they invite snatchers, who’re many
most important of all—dear walker
watch your step, before you even step
on droppings of birds, dogs, or humans

I’ve spent a large part of my commuting life on foot. As much as I enjoy walking, I hate that the average Indian pedestrian faces so much trauma. This is just an outlet of my emotions.

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