My brain on covid – day 2

11:00 am: Argh, why’s it so bright?

11:02 am: Shit. I’ve overslept! It’s a weekday.

11:03 am: Blame covid. Go back to sleep.

11:15 am: I need to brush my teeth.

11:21 am: Why does my head hurt?

11:22 am: Stop complaining.

11:23 am: I don’t have a fever. I don’t have breathing problems. Am I even sick?

11:24 am: Yes. Why does my head still hurt?

11:25 am: Am I hungry?

11:26 am: I want coffee. 

11:27 am: Drink water. 

11:28 am: Oh, yes. Haven’t had any all day.

11:29 am: That’s probably why your head still hurts.

1:00 pm: Did I fall asleep again?

1:01 pm: Yes.

1:05 pm: Shit. Why’s it so bright outside? 

1:15 pm: Oh, my lower back hurts.

1:20 pm: It’s like there’s a big rock attached to my head and I have to put it down every hour or so because it’s too heavy to hold up.

2:00 pm: Why’s the time so slow? Thank goodness it’s Friday.

2:05 pm: Hmm, does my head really hurt or am I just making it up?

2:10 pm: I don’t feel sick. Am I just being sick because I feel like I have to be sick?

2:20 pm: What if that rapid test showed a false positive and I don’t have covid at all?

2:25 pm: What if this is just tiredness and jet lag from the 20-hour layover and the 33-hour journey back?

3:00 pm: What a lovely day.

3:03 pm: I miss cooking. 

3:05 pm: Why’s the time so slow?

3:30 pm: That’s it. I can’t work anymore. 

5:00 pm: What’s this new show, Broadchurch?

5:30 pm: This is like Dr. Who living a mundane life. I like this.

9:30 pm: Damn, I forgot to reply to work. 

1:00 am: Oh, boss has texted an hour ago. What’s he doing up so late?

1:03: I’ll just reply before going to bed.

2:00 am: I can’t sleep.

2:02 am: Where’s my hot water bottle?

2:30 am: Instagram’s full of stupid people doing stupid shit.

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