My brain on covid – day 3

2:30 am: Gosh, why can’t I sleep?

2:45 am: I’m going to scroll through Instagram.

9:55 am: Oh. Wish I’d woken up earlier.

10:10 am: Urgh, the water tastes so weird.

2:00 pm: Huh. When did I fall asleep?

2:30 pm: I can’t even bite into an apple. Is this what old age will be like?

3:30 pm: Oh, rain. Glorious rain.

4:00 pm: Does my head hurt or am I imagining it again?

4:15 pm: I’m bored. 

4:30 pm: I’m going to do some university course work.

4:35 pm: Is my body aching?

4:36 pm: Don’t think so. 

4:38 pm: My head?

4:39 pm: No. 

4:41 pm: Do I need to refill my hot water bag?

4:42 pm: No, you’re not cold.

4:44 pm: Have I recovered from covid?

4:45 pm: It’s possible. But you still have to isolate for a few more days.

4:47 pm: Why do I not feel sick?

4:48 pm: Why didn’t my symptoms get worse?

4:49 pm: Did I even have covid if I didn’t suffer? How’s that ok?

8:30 pm: This is boring. I’m going to watch something.

1:00 pm: I’m going to bed. I’m perfectly fine. What’s wrong with me?

2:00 am: Why can’t I sleep?

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