photo of a tall spinach plant fallen over after a large wind storm
My favourite spinach plant after a severe wind storm

Ferocious wind blows,
tears through a tender garden —
a warrior falls.

2 thoughts on “Consequence

  1. Wow, great haiku. I like the way the picture brought the poem to life. I’m an English teacher in Uzbekistan, and I’d like to use this poem to introduce the concept of haiku poetry, with your permission of course, to my students. It will be a good lesson, amongst other things, on how real life inspires poets; and how the strong and outspoken sometimes get struck down, while the small and weak stay low and survive. I hope your warrior’s last meal was as delicious as he looked. Awaiting your reply. Cheers, Mark

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    1. Thanks for your wonderful comment, Mark. Of course, feel free to share this with your students. There’s certainly a lot of inspiration, and interpretation, in random, everyday things. I hope your students enjoy haiku poetry as much as I do. Cheers!


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